Thanks for checking out my piercing aftercare page.

Here you will find the step by step instructions of how to properly clean your fresh piercing.

The 2 products you will need include: 

Dial Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap & Saline Solution (any brand)

STEP 1: Clean the area with Dial soap & water

STEP 2: Rinse the area thoroughly

STEP 3: Spray the area with saline spray

STEP 4: Air dry or pat dry with a paper towel


In addition to cleaning this way twice a day if you are experiencing any additional swelling or discomfort it is advised that you take an anti-inflammatory such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen & be sure to ice the area multiple times throughout the day.

You can also try a saline soak twice a day for 10 minutes at a time.

  • Do NOT clean more or less than TWICE a Day
  • Do NOT use alcohol or peroxide
  • Do NOT take out the jewelry
  • Do NOT touch the piercing with your hands
  • Try not to snag, bump or sleep on a fresh piercing
  • Avoid contact with animals at the procedure site
  • Avoid swimming while piercing is healing


Another tip is if you are cleaning your piercing in the shower, be sure to clean that LAST before you turn the water off.

If you don't clean your piercing last then all of your soaps & shampoos will rinse right over the cleaned area causing irritation.

(For oral piercings, rinse mouth out with the Original Listerine after every meal and after smoking)

If you feel your piercing is getting infected it is important that you contact your doctor. 
Signs & symptoms of infection may include: redness, swelling, tenderness, red streaks, elevated body temperature & drainage from the procedure site. If any of these symptoms occur, please seek medical attention.